High Plains Land Conservancy

Charitable Organization

High Plains Land Conservancy is a charitable organization in Holyoke, Colorado. In 2003, it received its exempt organization status from the IRS and now brings in $88.1 k in annual income, primarily through program revenue.


Financial Summary
  • With $88.1 k in income, High Plains Land Conservancy is slightly smaller than the average Charitable Organization in the United States (where median income is $158,208 United States dollars). IRS Information
  • High Plains Land Conservancy is a registered tax-exempt organization with the IRS.
  • The organization was required to file a Form 990 or 990EZ with the IRS for the most recent tax year.

Income & Expenses


In 2013, this organization filed a Form 990 with the IRS, reporting $124,336 USD in income. See below for more information on the organization’s funding sources.

Income Breakdown Over Time

  • Total Contribution In (k)
  • Programme & Service Revenue In ($) USD
  • Investment Income In ($) USD

Income Decline Driven by Decrease in Program Revenue

In 2013, High Plains Land Conservancy reported $124 k in income, down 20% from the previous year. This drop can primarily be attributed to a $28.8 k decline in program revenue.

Funded Primarily by Program Revenue

High Plains Land Conservancy is funded primarily through program revenue. The organization is fairly dependent on this type of funding, as it accounts for 54% of total income. This is atypical for its peer group – Charitable Organizations this size are generally funded through contributions.


In 2013, this organization filed a Form 990 with the IRS, reporting $43,637 USD in total expenses. See below for more information on expense breakdown.


  • Unclassified Expanses in ($) USD
  • Insurance
  • Professional Fees
  • Depreciation , Depletion & Amortization

Expenses Breakdown

  • In 2013, High Plains Land Conservancy cut costs by 57%. Income, however, also saw a 20% decline.
  • The organization’s primary cost driver is unclassified expenses, which accounted for 83% of total expenses in 2013. This is fairly atypical for a Charitable Organization of this size: other organizations in this peer group spent most of their budget on personnel.
  • The organization did not report any grant expenses to the IRS in 2013. This indicates that the organization provides help through direct services rather than grants.

Financial Health

Asset Breakdown

Analysis of asset mix can help to identify the resources available to deliver future services.

2013 Asset Breakdown

  • Investments in ($) USD
  • Cash & Cash Equivalent in ($) USD
  • Land, Building & Equipment in ($) USD


Liquidity refers to the ability of a nonprofit to pay its obligations on time.

Organization Peer Group Median % Difference
 Days Cash on Hand 3,888 150 2,492%

Days Cash on Hand: If they were to stop receiving revenue, the organization could continue to pay the bills for around 10.7 years. Generally at least three months of cash on hand is desirable.

Profitability & Moneymaking Activities

Functional Revenues vs. Expenses

  • Total Functional Revenue in ($) USD
  • Total Function Expanses
  • Profit Margin in %

With $80.7 k in surplus revenue and a 64.9% margin in 2013, High Plains Land Conservancy was profitable.

Profitability is not necessarily a measure of good performance in the nonprofit sector: rather a high excess of revenue over expenses could indicate that they are not spending enough to maximize the services they provide to their constituents.

Trend Analysis

Income Over Time

  • Income In ($) USD

Contributions Over Time

  • Total Contribution in ($) USD

Program Service Revenue Over Time

  • Program Service Revenue in ($) USD

Expenses Over Time

  • Expenses In ($) USD

Assets Over Time

  • Total Assets
FYE Dec-11 FYE Dec-12 % Ch. FYE Dec-13 % Ch.
Total Income $161,344 USD $156,275 USD -3.14% $124,336 USD -20.44%
Total Contributions $97,261 USD $58,941 USD -39.4% $56,098 USD -4.82%
Program Service Revenue $61,983 USD $96,098 USD 55.04% $67,250 USD -30.02%
Total Expenses $147,702 USD $101,594 USD -31.22% $43,637 USD -57.05%
Total Assets $889,037 USD $943,718 USD 6.15% $1.02 million USD 8.55%

Financial Statement

Statement of Revenue FYE Dec-13
Total Contributions $56,098 USD
Program Service Revenue $67,250 USD
Investment Income $988 USD
Total Revenue $124,336 USD
Statement of Functional Expenses FYE Dec-13
Accounting Fees $1,660 USD
Other Fees $50 USD
Depreciation, Depletion & Amortization $1,700 USD
Insurance $3,883 USD
Other Expenses $36,344 USD
Total Expenses $43,637 USD
Balance Sheet – Assets FYE Dec-13
Cash $81,701 USD
Savings and Temporary Cash Investments $383,171 USD
Land, Building & Equipment $556,607 USD
Investments in Publicly Traded Securities $2,938 USD
Total Assets $1.02 million USD